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My latest pieces of art! Hope you like em'! (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Josh Anarky
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Anarky + Artist = Anarkhist!
Sup everyone, I'm an aspiring concept artist that loves creating all sorts of characters! - fantastical creatures, babes, mechanical stuff, babes, heroes and villains, babes......did I mention I love drawing babes too?

My art style is anchored in the Japanese manga & anime! I rummaged through a bunch of How to Draw Manga books when I was 13-ish and ended up drawing with this style ever since. I seek to adopt a blendable style between manga and the western style of art (damn I love Marvel and DC comics)!

Please do throw in helpful comments and encouragements while browsing my gallery! I hope to inspire people in this community the same way I am constantly inspired by them. And don't forget to throw me a devwatch if you like my work ;)

P.S. For League of Legends fans there's a League of Babes gallery for you!

P.P.S [] Check out my Webcomic!

" Jake is an average human teenager on his way through highschool. He's also an alien - just like everyone else at the Halcyon Academy! Each world sends a representative each year to study there with the other races, and Earth's representative Jake is none too enthusiastic about this! As the "human" this year, what sort of experiences will he have? A whole year of highschool adventure awaits! "

My Workflow stages -
1. Discussion: Pick up request/commission and settle design info and payment.
2. Sketch: Adjust to the style and/or convert the character style on pen and paper/photoshop. Send back the multiple sketches for approval.
3. Pre-color: Do a rough lineart for the final (sometimes with block colors) and send it back again for approval.
4. Color: Committed color stage with a new cleaned up lineart.
5. Final: Finish up the colorz and deliver the final!
If the request/commish is loved, make this face : ~(^___^)~

****Request/Commission Status****

***REQUEST*** <<<US$5>>> made payable to Paypal when accepted
Sketches only :P Black & White clean inked drawings.
- Send me a note with the particulars of the request
- Add any details like poses, costumes etc
- References please! Unless you wish to leave entirely up to me :3

***COMMISSIONS*** made payable to Paypal when final sketch is accepted!
Full colored pieces~
- US$12 for Single Character (Just the char and a white/empty BG)
- US$20 for 2 characters and/or character w/ BG (extra for BG)
- US$25 up for a piece including and beyond 4 characters together

Thing's I'm cool & good with (^__^)/
- Genres : Anything tbh.
- Character OCs, fanart, gimme a challenge! 8D
- Pin-ups. Pin-ups are fun.


B-But I don't wanna 1-piece...*sniff* by MyTh1C
B-But I don't wanna 1-piece...*sniff*
This is Annexia again! My Holy Priest from World of Warcraft~ She's the only person left in the guild without her tier set bonus. In fact, she only has 1-piece, while everyone else has their 4-piece already.

Long story short, (for the poor souls who've never touched an RPG) a 'set bonus' are pieces of armor that, when put together, gives you cool upgrades to your spells and shit. In WoW you've got up to 4-pieces of a certain tier's armor, with bonuses at every even number.

Yup, so Annexia doesn't even have her 2-piece bonus. And that 2-piece is the only thing that matters for her class. Yup. Totally not sad about this at all.
Vayne, the Night Hunter by MyTh1C
Vayne, the Night Hunter
Told self to post this at night for feelz. Overslept. (  "-__-)>


VAYNE, THE NIGHT HUNTARD! Tumbling, pure damage pewpew goodness of a range champ! I just thought her Bayonetta/Van Helsing thing going with the cape, shades (seriously, shades at night? Is the moon that blinding?) and pointy stuff TOO DAMN CLICHE for a vampire hunter. I ended up with this after dropping her shades and giving her spandex much more emphasis. I swear though, now she looks like secret agent in a red towel.

P.S. She's got nothing to do with the night (like DOTA's nightstalker) nor hunting (monsters) though, which is pretty funny. Then again giving her bonuses for the night and against monster champs ON TOP of what she already is will be FRIGGIN OP.... so yeah let's forget it.

P.P.S. Her expression was so hard to decide on! So I went with the face I make when I'm chasing some poor sod through the jungle. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE FOOL >:D
LoB Sneak Preview! by MyTh1C
LoB Sneak Preview!
Guess whose the new addition to the League of Babes! Helpful Hint: It's a girl.

P.S. I went back to play LoL again and maaaaaaaaan dem graphics are so different @___@ I can't tell if I like the old LoL or the new one (looks so much duller now! Reminds me of DOTA). And the mechanics AW GAWD THE NEW MECHANICS I'm so lost with them now, what with the dragon buff and the little bugs along the river and the jungle smite buffs and and *brain explodes*

*goes back to tetris*


UPDATED: I was SO TEMPTED to draw something entirely different but anyway good guesses down there! Gonna shed some light on this before I finish it up tonight (really expected to be done with this early but OH WELL).
Airalin! by MyTh1C
To dear Airalin, :iconrakkuguy:'s quirky and lovable gardevoir, whose lv100 cuteness stole my heart and brightened up my day :3

This… had me rofl-ing for aaaaaaaaaaages.

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